BLOG POST: Your business should use Blogging as a marketing tool- Here’s why!

Published On:Mar 12, 2020

Anushka Paul

I'm Anushka Paul, A Freelance copywriter for hire. I help businesses grow with words. (THEY’RE POWERFUL.)

You might think blogging is only for the casual hobbyist, but blogging can become an important part of your brand’s marketing strategy when used correctly. You may have built a perfect business website, but it’s pointless if no one is looking at it. Business blogging may be your answer to generate website traffic and give your audience the information they are seeking. Win-Win!

Let us look at 9 reasons why you should consider a Business blog.

1)Build your brand voice —

Lesson one in marketing 101? Establish your brand voice. Your brand voice conveys the values and attitudes of your brand. An established brand voice lets your readers know who you ARE as a brand. This generates trust. You can use blogging to define your USP through the tone in which it is written. Your brand voice differentiates you from the crowd, are you quirky or formal? Edgy or conventional? Your blog will help you communicate this to the reader and help make your brand more memorable.

2) Drive Traffic —

With a business blog, you attract people who are seeking information online to your page, therefore, generating traffic. A well-written long-form blog post on a commonly searched topic in your business niche is valuable content, and probably something people are googling. These blog posts are an easy and inoffensive way to attract people to your website and generate traffic.

3) And…Convert that Traffic into leads —

More traffic, more leads.

If people are searching for information and reading a blog post related to your brand niche, there’s a fair chance they’re looking to make a purchase. By landing on your website’s content, they not only become aware of your brand but start to see your brand as a credible source in the industry. An efficient blog writer can find a way to weave in your product into the content and increase your chances of a sell.

4) It is a cheap marketing tool- Why NOT utilize it? —

Unlike several other marketing tools, blogging is completely FREE to set up. If you already have a functioning website, creating a blog for it is pretty simple. The fact that its budget-friendly makes it especially great for small businesses. You don’t need a huge marketing team or budget to express your expertise through blogging, simply hire a freelance writer.

5) Become the Authority in your niche —

Blogging as a brand allows you to show off your knowledge in your field, establishing you as a credible source. Well written blog content provides a lot of value to your readers by answering their questions about the niche. The more you help and teach your readers, the more they begin to see you as an industry expert and trust your brand. This sets you up as an authority figure in your brand niche.

6) Use blogging as an SEO Strategy —

Blogs increase your website’s SEO performance. Most brand websites are static, how often do you REALLY get to update large portions of your website? When you have a consistently updated blog on your website, your website automatically becomes more dynamic. We know google loves a dynamic website. Google also loves a quality content-rich website and there is no better way to create quality content on your website than a well-written blog. A blog post also keeps your page visitors on the site for longer. This is great for SEO because increased “dwell time” shows Google that visitors find your content useful.

7) Understand your Audience —

Blogging allows you to understand your audience. As a brand, your primary purpose is to serve your customers needs. Blogging creates a platform through which you can monitor the needs of your customers in multiple ways. Firstly, keep an eye on the information and kind of content your audience gravitates towards through programs like Google Analytics. Which type of blogs do better than the other? Secondly, your blogs comment section is a valuable source of insight. What are customers appreciating? What are they requesting? By opening a direct channel of conversation, your brand can make the necessary changes it needs to better make their customers happy. Customers want to be heard!

8) Organic Social Media Engagement —

Blog content is generally shareable content. Readers that are happy with your informative blog posts may share them with other users through their social media profiles or with friends seeking the same information in that niche. By creating shareable content, you not only attract more blog readers but gain exposure for your business.

9) Readers come back for more —

Quality content is essential. If your blog posts are informative and provide value to your customers it is very likely they will come back to your blog again for further reading. A consistent audience that trusts your brand’s knowledge in its field is very good for business. A repeat audience may turn into a repeat customer.

To conclude, Business blogging is a great marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. It is effective yet budget-friendly and can help your business grow. Use this to your advantage and get started today in business blogging.

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Anushka Paul

I'm Anushka Paul, A Freelance copywriter for hire. I help businesses grow with words. (THEY’RE POWERFUL.)

Published on: March 12, 2020